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Kaleideum, we know it’s hard to spell, and it can be hard to say. It is, however, representative of the adventures that happen here every day.

The Story Behind Our Name

Kaleidoscope + Museum


Initially intended by the inventor as a scientific tool, the kaleidoscope evolved as a timeless and wondrous toy that delights children and adults throughout the world. With an appeal that spans the ages, this optical instrument is constructed with mirrors and loose, colored objects such as beads or pieces of glass. When held up to the light, the individual sees colorful patterns that shift and change as the kaleidoscope is turned or shaken.

The kaleidoscope itself is a free-choice learning experience, subtly encouraging the individual to explore and learn more about our world. Each time a child or adult engages with and manipulates the kaleidoscope, the outcome changes, revealing an image that is new and different … but equally beautiful.

Inspired by the blending of art and science, Kaleideum is a perfect representation of a timeless space where children and adults can find their Muse. By climbing into the Photo Fort, exploring constellations in the Digital Dome, creating a story in the Storytelling, or discovering the forces of motion in In Motion, Kaleideum is a place of constant change and challenges — helping inspire wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning outside the boundaries of a formal classroom.

Multifaceted, open-ended experiences prompt children to test theories, seek answers to questions, think critically, and explore at their own pace — all skills that are necessary for their success in a world that constantly changes and continually surprises, yet remains wondrous for all ages.


Our Mission

Inspiring wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning in our children and community through interactive play and discovery. We achieve this through the overlapping lenses of literacy, the arts, and STEM.

Our Vision

We envision a creative, innovative learning ecosystem that equips and empowers us all to make a difference in our ever-changing world.

Our Values

  • Resilience: The ability to recover from change and difficulty
  • Insightfulness: Cultivation of a deep understanding
  • Innovation: The fostering of creativity, problem solving, and new ways of thinking and doing
  • Accountability: Dedication to and responsibility for the mission, the work, and the community
  • Relationship-Driven: The prioritization and pursuit of meaningful relationships with our visitors, our colleagues, and our partners in the community

Our DEAI Statement

(DEAI=diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion)  


    • Kaleideum is committed to creating and sustaining a diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive learning ecosystem. We provide innovative opportunities that welcome everyone to dream, create, and learn together.
    • Kaleideum fosters a culture of belonging where all people feel encouraged to contribute and participate. We strive to attract staff, board, donors, volunteers and visitors that accurately reflect the diverse composition of Forsyth County’s residents.
    • Kaleideum believes there is value in listening to someone else’s story — and courage in telling your own. We foster an affirming and generous environment that inspires us all to consider different perspectives and be open to changing our minds. 
    • Kaleideum believes that every person deserves the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We honor the complexity of all people and their unique requirements for learning and growth.
    • Kaleideum rejects the practices and systems that perpetuate bias. We acknowledge that museums are not neutral and accept our responsibility to increase equity in education, science, art, and innovation. 

Our History

Kaleideum is an interactive museum of arts, sciences, and exploration formed by the merger of The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and SciWorks in July 2016. The two museums merged into a single organization to reimagine learning and better meet the needs of our diverse community by providing more access to informal science discovery, cultural experiences, and learning and building life skills through play. 

We hold our mission, our vision and our values very deeply. Over time this has allowed us to develop and grow a wonderful history to our museum.

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