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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours and admission prices?

To find our hours and admission prices, please visit our homepage! If you need more detailed information, please visit our dedicated page.

What Is Kaleideum? What happened to SciWorks and the Children's Museum?

Kaleideum is an experiential learning museum created from the July 2016 merger of the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem (now Kaleideum Downtown) and SciWorks (now Kaleideum North). The Kaleideum name, inspired by the free choice learning experience of playing with a kaleidoscope, was announced in February 2017.

The two museums merged in 2016 with the overarching plan to move into a single location and new building in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem. Forsyth County owned the old Sheriff’s Building on Third Street and proposed that the site become the new location for families and lifelong learners in the heart of downtown.

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners is funding $30.5 million of the project, the State of North Carolina provided $3.8 million through a budget appropriation, and Kaleideum is raising approximately $16 million through its “All In” Capital Campaign, which will fund the exciting new exhibits throughout the museum. The City of Winston-Salem provided $2 million for the development of Liberty Plaza, which is adjacent to the museum.

What Kaleideum location is open right now?

Kaleideum North, located at 400 W Hanes Mill Road, is open seven days a week through Labor Day and will remain open six days a week during fall for the remainder of 2023. Kaleideum North will close permanently December 31.

The former Kaleideum Downtown, located at 390 S Liberty Street, closed in April 2023. The building is now owned by Compleat Kidz, a pediatric rehabilitation organization.

Our new location, 120 W Third Street, will open in early 2024. This location will be the only Kaleideum open.

Does Kaleideum have animals?

Kaleideum has a range of animals in the BioWorks exhibit, including Huey, a Blue and Gold Macaw that acts as Kaleideum’s unofficial mascot. 

In the past, Kaleideum has had outdoor barnyard animals, deer, otter, and a raccoon; however, these animals have all been re-homed in anticipation of Kaleideum’s move to downtown Winston-Salem.

Where will the new Kaleideum building be in downtown Winston-Salem?

The new Kaleideum building is located on the corner of Third Street and Town Run Lane in downtown Winston-Salem. The address is 120 W Third Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

This location will provide significantly more access to residents of Forsyth County while also playing a central role in downtown Winston-Salem’s renaissance by being a regional destination for families and lifelong learners in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem.

The new location is equally distant from all parts of the county and within walking distance of the bus station.

When will the new location in downtown Winston-Salem be open?

The new Kaleideum building is currently under construction. and the project is on track  to open in February 2024. The new Kaleideum building is located at 120 W Third Street.

There is a live camera feed to see what is currently being done using this link https://kaleideum.org/capital-campaign/

What exhibits will the new Kaleideum have?

The new museum will have nine new exhibition areas including: By Design, In Motion, Digital Dome, Our Nature, Storytelling, Wonders of Water, Try It! Studio, Little Learners, and Rooftop Adventure. Please keep an eye on our exhibits page for more updates on information about these exhibits!

If you are interested in sharing thoughts on exhibits, please check out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Kaleideum

All of the signage in the new building will be bi-lingual with Spanish.

Where will I park at the new location? Will it be onsite?

There will not be onsite parking at the new Kaleideum.

We know that parking downtown can be challenging, but please be assured that we are looking into convenient parking deck access for our members and visitors, as well as bus drop-off and parking protocols for school groups.

How long should we plan for a visit at the current Kaleideum North location?

We suggest a two to two and half hour allotment to see all the inside exhibits and the outside areas, such as the Environmental Park.

How do I sign up for a membership?

You can visit us online at https://kaleideum.org/support/memberships/ or sign up in person on your next visit!

When are your busiest times?

Our busiest times vary from week to week. For a visitor forecast we recommend visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Each Sunday, we post a graph on social media that outlines how many visitors we think will be here on any given day in a week. This information is based on weather predictions, events, and reservations.

What will happen to Kaleideum North when you close?

The Kaleideum North building and property are owned by Forsyth County. The Forsyth County Commissioners will determine the future of 400 W Hanes Mill Road.

Do we need a reservation if we are an individual or a family? What about if we're a large group?

Families and individuals do not need to make a reservation; however, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time onliine.

We do prefer that groups make a reservation to ensure they receive the discounted group rate and help with navigation and numbers in the museum. Groups should reach out to Tracey Fulp at scheduling@kaleideum.org. A reservation is not complete until you receive a written confirmation from the museum scheduler.

How do we register for a field trip?

Please visit the linked page for Field Trip information: Field Trips – Kaleideum