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On July 1, 2016, The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and Sciworks merged into one organization with a new mission — and new name: Kaleideum.

Inspired by the blending of art and science, Kaleideum represents timeless spaces where children and adults can find their Muse. By climbing the Beanstalk, building puppets in The Prop Shop, or discovering the forces of motion in our wind tunnel, Kaleideum is a place of constant change and challenges — helping inspire wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning outside the boundaries of a formal classroom.

Kaleideum develops exhibits and programming that blend science, literacy, and arts education into an integrated approach to learning. We focus on preparing learners by stoking the imagination and the desire to learn more, thus preparing them to become the innovators of the future. Through our educational programming, events, and exhibits, Kaleideum seeks to:

  • Strengthen innovation skills and STEAM literacy
  • Strengthen executive function skills
  • Promote the joy of lifelong learning
  • Embrace play as a crucial part of learning
  • Approaches learning as a process with intellectual, physical, social, and emotional elements (whole person education)

Thank you for your interest and support.  Kaleideum is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Each Kaleidoscope Circle level includes the benefits of all preceding levels.