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The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and SciWorks are pleased to announce that the two organizations are officially merged as of July 1, 2016. Effective immediately, memberships and benefits are reciprocal at both locations.

“The support and dedication of our members are important to our success today and into the future,” says Elizabeth Dampier, Executive Director – Museum. “We are excited that members of both museums will immediately see more benefits for their membership. For example, a family holding a Children’s Museum membership will also have free admission to SciWorks and is able to receive discounts on birthday parties, camps etc., at that location — and vice versa!”

The new membership structure is:

  • Adult + Child: $75. Add one additional child for $20.
  • Grandparent: $95. Includes both grandparents and all grandchildren.
  • Family Membership: $135. Includes up to four adults and all children, as well as reciprocal benefits with museums affiliated with ASTC (Association of Science – Technology Centers) and ACM (Association of Children’s Museums).

“Purchasing a Family Membership gives a family the most benefits, including free or discounted access to science centers and children’s museums worldwide,” says Paul Kortenaar, Ph.D, Executive Director – Community. “However, we know that many families may not require that level of access, thus we have memberships at lower price points. Also, current members of either museum can renew their Family Memberships at a discounted price of $125.”

There are exciting challenges ahead for the merged museum. “As we determine the best direction forward, we know there are many unanswered questions,” Kortenaar says. “The two museums will remain in their current locations as we work toward combining operations into a single building in downtown Winston-Salem that will transform the visitor experience. In all decisions, we are trying to provide the best educational opportunities for the children in our community and beyond.”

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