Hands-on learning awaits...

SciWorks will be at the Winston-Salem Air Show on Saturday, September 21, to promote the new ‘Take Flight’ exhibit (coming October 1).

Winston-Salem has a rich aviation history and a long tradition with the Air Show — in 1911, crowds gathered for the first event and watched Lincoln Beachey, the world’s greatest exhibition flyer, command the sky with his signature “loop the loop” act in a wood and canvas biplane. Today, spectators are still amazed at military and civilian aircraft performing amazing feats of aerial daring.

There are also plenty of activities going on at ground level with family fun events including musical acts, magic shows, jugglers and more. In addition, there is a ride-filled Children’s Village, as well as hot air balloon and helicopter rides.

For more information about the 2013 Air Show visit www.wsairshow.com. Parking is free, and children 12 and under are FREE.

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