Hands-on learning awaits...
The North Carolina Science Festival is a month-long celebration of science in North Carolina, from April 1-30. The goal of NC SciFest is to help spread science education through exciting, educational and fun, hands-on science events.
This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, NC SciFest has become a virtual event. What better setting to learn and engage in science than in your own home?
Kaleideum is also sharing videos through the North Carolina Science Festival. Check out two of them here!

What Is Bedstraw?

Commonly known as Catchweed Bedstraw (scientific name Galium aparine), this plant grows in landscape beds, on top of turf that is not mowed, in fields and along the woodline.
Bedstraw has short hairs on the stems, leaves and fruits that are like tiny hooks and catch on shoes, clothing and skin. In addition to being food for geese and donkeys, the plant is used in herbal medicine. And Kaleideum’s Director of Learning & Engagement demonstrates how much fun this plant is to play with as well!
Fun Fact: The name “bedstraw” comes from use of the plant as a mattress filling. The prickly plants minimized matting and compaction of mattress filling.

Wind Chimes Made from Recyclables

In this Kaleideum At Home Video, we demonstrate how to upcycle tin cans and turn them into wind chimes!
All you need are cleaned out tin cans, such as soup cans; paint and other decorative materials such as beads; string; hammer and nail; and metal washers, nuts, or bells to make the noise.
This is an excellent project to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020. We want to see your wind chimes! Take a picture or video and tag us when you share it on Facebook or Instagram.
Tip: Make several wind chimes and hang them close together for lots of sounds!