Hands-on learning awaits...

May the 4th Be with You! We are missing all of our friends and our SciFi Sundays … and we cannot wait until we are together again! Check out this Star Wars’ official May the Fourth video that contains a powerful message of hope:


In the meantime, why not create a Yoda or other Star Wars character paper bag puppet to celebrate the day? You’ll need the following:

Construction paper in various colors
Googly eyes
Paper bags
Colored pencils
Hot glue gun or school glue

Find a picture of your character and cut out shapes to match the picture. For example, you could cut out half ovals to make hooded eyelids for Yoda and cut out the shapes for his ears. You can use white construction paper for his white robe.

Use glue or a hot glue gun to glue everything together, embellish with colored pencils, and voila, you have a Star Wars character Paper Bag Puppet!