Hands-on learning awaits...

SCI-Moneyville-WSM-11Find out all there is to know about money and more when you explore the vibrant city of MONEYVILLE, SciWorks’ new traveling exhibit. With highly-interactive activities, games and simulations, children can build essential problem-solving skills and learn priceless lessons in money management. MONEYVILLE features a Store, Bank, Anti-Counterfeiting Lab, Stock Market and Shipping Dock.

MONEYVILLE at SciWorks is supported by the PNC Foundation.

“MONEYVILLE is an exciting exhibition because it will be fun and instructive for our youngest children and their families,” says Weston M. Andress, PNC regional president of Western Carolina.  “We hope that by getting children to think about saving, spending and sharing at a very young age, these ideas and habits will stay with them as they grow.”