Hands-on learning awaits...

What do you love about Kaleideum? We want to know!

Starting Tuesday, February 4, we want you to share your love for Kaleideum, and we have two ways to do it! Choose one or BOTH, and you’ll be eligible for some fun prizes! Here’s how it works …

Share Your Love on Instagram!
  1. Visit Kaleideum Downtown or Kaleideum North.
  2. Take a picture with one of the Hearts at the Welcome Desk OR with your favorite exhibit or animal.
  3. Share the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #LotsToLoveWS
  4. Tag @Kaleideum.
  5. Tag a friend!

You’ll be eligible for prizes each week during the Instagram campaign.

  • Week 1: Four tickets to Harry Potter Night (Winner announced February 11.)
  • Week 2: Four tickets to Peppercorn Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland (Winner announced February 18.)
  • Week 3: Two tickets to the April Parents’ Night Out (Winner announced February 25.)
  • Week 4: One day of Spring Break Camp (Winner announced March 3.)
Share Your Love at Kaleideum
  1. Visit Kaleideum Downtown or Kaleideum North.
  2. Make a $1 or more donation at the Welcome Desk and provide us with your contact information.
  3. Receive and decorate a wooden disc and paper heart. Write or draw your favorite things about Kaleideum on these pieces.
  4. Put the disc in the Hearts at the Welcome Desk, and we’ll take your paper heart to hang in the Museum!

Donating to Kaleideum at the Welcome Desk or online during the month of February will make you eligible for a drawing where you can choose one of these fabulous prizes:

  1. A Kaleideum Birthday Bash
  2. A Kaleideum Membership
  3. A ticket to the Kaleidoscope Ball

We’ll announce the winner for this on March 3!