Hands-on learning awaits...

The “Strange Matter” exhibit is opening at SciWorks this weekend! The exhibit revolves around “materials science,” which could almost be called “the study of stuff,” meaning the materials you use every day, such as the clothes you wear, the dishes you eat on, the bikes you ride, etc.

“Strange Matter” examines the always amazing and sometimes bizarre world of modern materials. With dynamic, hands-on exhibits, families can explore the unusual properties of everything from basketball backboards and cell phones to antennas, DVD players, and golf clubs — and get a glimpse into where the future of materials research might take us.

Strange Matter is an exhibit developed by the Ontario Science Centre and presented by the Materials Research Society. This exhibition and its tour are made possible by the generous support of the National Science Foundation, Dow, Ford Motor Company Fund, Intel® Innovation in Education, Rio Tinto Alcan, and the 3M Foundation. This local presentation is made possible in part by Vulcan Materials Company. The exhibit will be open through May 26, 2014.

“Strange Matter makes the science that touches our lives each and every day memorable and fun, while leading to a greater understanding of the world around us,” says Paul Kortenaar, Executive Director. “For example, just a few years ago, your bicycle would have been made from metal. Now, new bikes are made from complex carbon composites — stronger and more durable than metals. The world has changed dramatically in a very short period of time, and this is the result of ‘materials science.’ This exhibit brings you the most intriguing recent advances in this research.”

Highlights of the exhibit include: Amazing Magnetic Liquids, Amorphous Materials, Foam, and a Touch Table. There’s something for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.

To see more about “Strange Matter,” watch this video!