Hands-on learning awaits...

Raccoons, or Procyon lotor, are omnivorous mammals found in forests, marshes, prairies, and cities. They are adaptable animals that will eat just about anything and use their dexterous front paws and long fingers to find and feast on a wide variety of foods, including crayfish, frogs, mice, insects, eggs, fruits and plants.

In this Kaleideum At Home video, Alex uses nose touch training with Rascal, the Kaleideum North resident raccoon. This is a type of positive reinforcement that keeps Rascal engaged with her caretakers.

Rascal is looking forward to seeing more people when Kaleideum reopens this summer! Make a donation to support the care and feeding of Kaleideum’s animals through our annual fund today. Visit bit.ly/kaleideumgiving to donate.