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You’ll engage through play, scientific inquiry, art and action as you “become” a raindrop, travel to the sea and learn how to contribute to healthy, safe water in your community and beyond in a new traveling exhibit at SciWorks. Water’s Extreme Journey opens January 28 – May 25, with  preview night for members on January 27 from 4 to 7 pm.

Water’s Extreme Journey transforms the visitor into a drop of water entering a watershed, and they voyage through rivers, lakes, wetlands and even their homes while facing challenges such as farms with pesticides or families who pour paint down the drain,” says Paul Kortenaar, Ph.D., SciWorks Executive Director. “Visitors will learn how to keep water clean through simple activities and be able to persevere through the maze so that their choices move them toward a clean ocean — all the while realizing that even their daily decisions can immediately improve the watershed in their own backyard.” SCI-WatersJourney-PreviewNt

Water’s Extreme Journey, developed with world-renowned marine-life artist Wyland, was created by Minotaur Mazes, a Seattle-based, worldwide traveling exhibitions company specializing in complete, interactive exhibition experiences within a maze setting. “Mazes engage both mentally and physically, and the tactile experience helps visitors retain ideas long after they have left the exhibit,” Dr. Kortenaar says. Interactive elements within the exhibit include a Zip Slide, Water Cycle Puzzle, Recycle vs. Trash, Urban River/Storm Drain, The Dirty Dozen and Wildlife Wheel.

Teachers may use a Water’s Extreme Journey water curriculum that adheres to National Art and Science Education Standards. Each lesson includes an activity and is designed to be flexible and adapted for grades K-8. “Students have the ability to experiment with and study the different properties of water, conduct scientific experiments, explore ecosystems and learn to become stewards of the environment,” Dr. Kortenaar says.

Water’s Extreme Journey is locally sponsored by Duke Energy Foundation; Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility Commission; and City of Winston-Salem, Stormwater/Erosion Control Division.

Members’ Preview Night for Water’s Extreme Journey   

Tuesday, January 27, from 4-7 pm  

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