Hands-on learning awaits...

When you hear “egging,” you may think of the old-fashioned prank that wreaks havoc in neighborhoods around Halloween. But some Winston-Salem neighborhoods are utilizing a friendlier game in order to combat boredom and stay connected while still practicing social distancing this spring.

So how do you “egg” someone safely this year?

  • Call, text, or email an adult family to make sure that they are OK with the “egging.”
  • Buy and santize 10 to 12 plastic eggs. or make eco-friendly eggs from sanitized egg cartons. You could also make little Easter Bunnies from cups to fill with treats and hide. See video below.
  • Fill the eggs with treats or write fun messages to your friends, such as “You’re an egg-cellent friend.”
  • Download a “You’ve Been Egged” sign or make your own.
  • Go to the home and hide or scatter the eggs in the yard, or leave a basket at the door.
  • Tape the sign on the door.
  • Ring the bell and leave … or hide and take pictures of the hunt!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the leftover plastic eggs, try making an egg shaker maraca such as the ones in the video below!