Hands-on learning awaits...

Kaleideum is hosting Spectrum News Severe Weather Saturday this Saturday, May 4, from 11 am to 4 pm at Kaleideum North. The event, sponsored by Spectrum News, will offer visitors the chance to create a mock seven-day weather forecast with assistance from two special guests – Spectrum News meteorologists Ariella Scalese and Monte Montello. Other featured activities include weather-related crafts, demonstrations, photo opportunities, weather safety videos, and giveaways.

“Kaleideum is excited to build relationships with partners in our learning ecosystem, such as Spectrum News, to provide our guests with unique experiences,” said Marcus Harshaw, Kaleideum’s Vice President of Learning and Facilities. “Spectrum News is helping us reimagine learning at a crucial time. Hurricane season is right around the corner, and Spectrum News Severe Weather Saturday will empower families to be prepared for inclement weather conditions, and it will do so in a way that is innovative, engaging, and fun.” All activities are included with museum admission and free for Kaleideum members. Kaleideum North is located at 400 W Hanes Mill Road in Winston-Salem, NC. For additional information about this and other events and exhibits, visit kaleideum.org.

Here’s what’s going on at Kaleideum North for Spectrum News Severe Weather Saturday!

Spectrum News: Hang out with Spectrum News Meteorologists Ariella Scalese and Monte Montello and create your own 7-day forecast.

Insta-Snow Demonstration: Watch as a simple chemical reaction creates snow instantaneously and learn about how snow forms in our atmosphere.

Cloud in a Bottle: Learn about the life cycle of clouds and see one form inside of a bottle.

Tornado in a Bottle: Experience the formation of a tornado up-close with this tornado demonstration and learn the difference between a tornado watch and warning.

Rainbow Demonstration: Ever wonder why we don’t see rainbows every time it rains? Learn about light reflection and refraction and how a rainbow forms, then make your own rainbow to take home.

Hurricane Bubbles: See a tiny hurricane form in the film of a bubble. Caution, a hot plate is used for this demonstration and we ask that you do not touch the bubbles.

Weather Journal: Keep your eyes on the skies and write down the weather that you see each day and watch how it changes.

Create Your Own Water Cycle: Design your own water cycle and see how the Earth moves water around in the atmosphere and back to the ground.

Navigators: A navigator is responsible for knowing the location of a ship or aircraft at all times. A navigator should NEVER be lost. After a gusty storm blows them astray, two navigators must use their knowledge of maps, geography, and weather to right their course.